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Soulsight was commissioned to design Miller Fortune, a line of beer that is more spirited and inspired by “spirited nights.” 

Designed for MillerCoors, Miller Fortune® is described as a more spirited beer for more spirited nights. Embossed jet black bottles for instant in-hand badge appeal. Heads and tails caps that bring a certain amount of spontaneity to any night. Rocks glasses so it’s served neat like a whiskey. Miller Fortune® fuels bold movement.

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Typo Clean Up

Dutch graphic design is famous fo it’s playful and non conform character. So is the work of Fabian de Lange designer and director working in Heerlen, Netherlands. Hi work experience in different creative fields of design and collaborating with clients from various industries such as clothing companies, magazines, music labels, advertising and others. made him do awesome artworks. So enjoy the collection! 

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Great Advert, a mini movie, Disney style

Photo 12 Nov
Link 12 Nov Inspirational Stair Sticker Set - $75 | The Gadget Flow»

Link 12 Nov Power Nap Office Pillow | The Gadget Flow»

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The work of BioWorkZ

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No. Six Depot

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BIG BRAND THEORY: Experimental #packaging #design

- You know its a good brand design if you only need to see a quarter of it to know what it is.

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Text 14 Oct New Yorkers pass up chance to cash in on Banksy art

ven if you’re not familiar with the world of graffiti and urban street art, you’ll more than likely have heard of Banksy, right?

The British artist - famed for his subversive street stencilling and notorious for protecting his real identity, has this month been undertaking an ‘artist’s residency' in New York.

And on Saturday, probably the world’s most secretive artist set up a stall in Central Park, selling original works of art for as little as $30.

However most people assumed that the canvasses were knock-offs - and just three stopped to buy.

Entitled Better Out Than In: An Artist Residency on the Streets of New York, Banksy’s ‘live’ exhibition will last for a month, with him creating a different work every day - including a truckload of squealing soft toys driven around the city’s meatpacking district on October 11.

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Motion Theater  |  promotional posters

The logo intertwines the dancers movements and their connections to the theater, so that it appears to be “in motion” at all times. The dancer, their moves and the music create a new sphere due to their everlasting dependence on one another. It seems as if they originate from the theater. Therefore, the logo (on posters) arises in immediate incorporation to the dancer. The expression of the dance as “movement in space” is enforced by elements such as the “floating” typography.


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Text 30 Sep Morrisons Just For Kids

Leading design consultancy Elmwood has unveiled a new brand identity for Morrisons kids’ food range. Just for Kids launches in stores nationwide throughout September across chilled ready meals including spaghetti bolognese, sausage and mash and chicken casserole, brings a sense of fun to meal-time for kids, while reassuring parents of the quality ingredients and benefits for children. Read more»

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